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CHINCHIKURIN Sawtelle Los Angeles

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Opened the 1st location in Sawtelle, Los Angeles. There are many restaurants offering Japanese cuisine in the area, and the heart of the town is called "Sawtelle Japantown". Recently, many new restaurants and shops have opened, making a wide variety of Asian cuisine and products popular.

We interviewed CHINCHIKURIN:

  1. Mediamix

    Why did you decide to open your restaurant in the Sawtelle area of Los Angeles?

  2. Mr. Kenji IwataCHINCHIKURIN Sawtelle LA

    We decided to open on Sawtelle because there are many Asian people here.
    At first, if we can get Asian people come to eat our okonomiyaki and get to know our restaurant, then other American people will come to our restaurant—that is why we thought it would be a good idea to open our first restaurant on Sawtelle.

  3. Mediamix

    Is the flavor different than in Japan?

  4. Mr. Iwata

    The flavor is the same as in Japan. The flavor is basically the same.
    We do take try to make it easier to eat.
    Japanese people are used to using the spatulas, but people here are not used to using them so we make the noodles a bit softer.
    Crispy noodles are our trademark, but we also offer softer noodles, which are easier to eat.
    Ultimately, the okonomiyaki that we make here is the same as in Japan.

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  • CHINCHIKURIN Sawtelle Los Angeles
  • Mr. Kenji Iwata
  • CHINCHIKURIN Sawtelle Los Angeles
  • Mr. Mai Yamazaki

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